About the GameEdit

Welcome to the Turbo Clicker Wiki!

This wiki teaches you everything you need to know about the game. Item stats, tricks, tips and of course any other information requested. To start off, let's talk about the game itself, shall we?

Turbo Clicker is a game made on ROBLOX that involves clicking a spinning icon that gives you money to expand your clicking abilities in the shop. You can also open boxes to get special loot you wouldn't normally without premium currency. Furthermore, you can unlock new Icons and Music to have played in the background so that you can enjoy the game however you like!

How to PlayEdit

To get started on Turbo Clicker, click the black circle in the bottom left of the screen. Next, you can click the top button that contains an image of the ROBLOX logo to bring up the Main Game. Here, you can click to gain money, or, use the sidebar to check your Inventory and buy better Items in the Shop.

Tip: When buying items in the Shop, it's best to buy multiple at once as they will all be bought for the current Item Price.

Good Luck!